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Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. When they do, and they’re not your fault, you need a personal injury attorney to help you get the resolution you need. You have a right to live your life free from harm and it’s a right that can be pursued through civil courts in both Florida and Georgia. Especially during a pandemic, life in and around Jacksonville, FL, and Kingsland, GA, can be full of uncertainty. You should have confidence that your attorneys will successfully guide you through the claims process and a lawsuit if necessary.

Many personal injury case claims are handled through insurance companies and their adjusters, but their job is not to make you whole. Instead, it’s the job of the insurance company to minimize the amount of money it pays out. A personal injury attorney in Jacksonville FL or a personal injury attorney in Kingsland GA can help prevent an insurance company from taking advantage of you by convincing you to settle too quickly and for too little. Following is a look at circumstances when you should hire a personal injury attorney:

After an Auto Accident

Injuries sustained in a car accident can lead to a diminished quality of life, or in some cases, even loss of life. There is an economic value to these losses, including lost earnings, medical expenses, and the inability to lead a normal life and perform normal tasks on a daily basis. “Pain and suffering” in both the past and in the future is often the largest single claim for damages in an injury case. Having a lawyer who can prove the pain, inconvenience, and stress you suffer from an accident is key to receiving the recovery you deserve. Your best course of action is to retain an experienced accident attorney to make you aware of all your rights, and all the damages you’re entitled to. Don’t let an insurance company pressure an unfair settlement on you or your family. Barnes & Cohen has recently won a $2.9 million jury award for an auto accident with serious injuries for our client. We will put in the same hard work and skill for your claim.

When a Physician Fails to Follow the Accepted Medical Standard of Care

Physicians are required to follow the accepted standard of care when they provide medical services. A case is considered medical malpractice when the physician fails to take the correct course of action during a medical event due to inexperience, sloppiness, or poor judgment. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries as a direct result of a negligent physician, you should contact a malpractice attorney at Barnes & Cohen for help. Some medical malpractice injury examples include:

    • Birth injuries
    • Failure to diagnose / misdiagnosis
    • Unnecessary medical procedure or surgery
    • Improper medication and/or dosage
    • Wrong surgery site
    • Discharged too early
    • Ignoring or misreading lab reports or diagnostic tests

Barnes and Cohen has extensive experience in the area of medical malpractice law. One of the founding partners, Glenn E. Cohen, began his career as a legal representative for major insurance companies before deciding he wanted to represent victims of medical malpractice. His expertise in the area of medical malpractice has resulted in many cases won or settled on behalf of medical malpractice victims.

Injuries on Poorly Maintained Properties and/or Hazards

People or stores that control a property where the public is invited are required to ensure the safety of all visitors. In premises liability law, this is known as a duty of care. Sometimes a hazard develops on a property and isn’t resolved in a timely manner. When a visitor or customer comes across the known hazard, falls, and sustains injuries, that person should get medical attention first, then call a personal injury lawyer for help. Slip-and-fall injuries that require medical attention come with medical bills that need to be paid. Some commercial establishments have insurance that pays medical bills even when the property owner is not to blame. That insurance is often referred to as “medical payments” coverage. Time limits for collecting such coverage can be as short as one (1) year. At Barnes & Cohen, our personal injury attorneys in Jacksonville, FL and Kingsland, GA help our clients get their medical bills taken care of, and also seek just compensation for the pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and other damages caused by the injury.

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Contact Barnes & Cohen Today for Help with a Personal Injury Claim

If you live in Jacksonville, Northeast Florida, or Southeast Georgia and have suffered injuries from an accident of any kind, contact Barnes & Cohen today for help. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can protect you from over-zealous insurance companies who do not have your best interests in mind. Retaining a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, FL or Kingsland, GA helps take the pressure and stress applied by insurance companies, corporate entities, and at-fault third parties off of you while your body heals.

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