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Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Car Accident in Jacksonville, FL?

A question that we hear often at Barnes & Cohen is, Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Car Accident? While many people consider flying dangerous, driving a car has a far greater risk of injury. In 2018, in the United States, there were 12 million car accidents that resulted in 2.7 million injuries and 36,560 deaths. Driving a vehicle, while a necessity, is dangerous and accidents are unfortunately common, especially in places like Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. In fact, I-95 and I-10 are two of the four most dangerous roads in America, and I-75 is the fifth most dangerous. Fortunately due to the advancements in vehicle design and safety precautions, the vast majority of car accidents typically involve more damage to the vehicle itself, with less severe injuries to the passengers.

Financial recovery for your medical injuries from a motor vehicle accident does not happen automatically. While drivers in Florida are required to have car insurance, there is a common myth that following an auto accident, car insurance will simply take care of everything. In reality, many times automobile insurance only covers a minimum amount and insurance companies will do everything they can to decrease coverage payouts. Then people are expected to figure out the rest on their own, relying on health insurance and credit cards. This rude surprise usually comes at the worst possible time, when a person is injured, in pain and dealing with a disabled vehicle.

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The solution is to always hire an attorney after a car accident in Jacksonville, FL, or anywhere else.

A car accident attorney is essential, not only to make sure the other party in the accident is held responsible for the damage caused, but that your medical needs are taken care of, as well. In some cases, a knowledgeable attorney can uncover additional insurance coverage that the injured person would never know where or how to look for. One example is an at-fault driver delivering pizza who is covered by his employer’s insurance – makes no difference that he was driving his personal car, not his employer’s vehicle. Insurance companies are not motivated to work in your interests. In fact, their very profit model works directly against any coverage. They are incentivized to minimize costs, so that they don’t draw against the insurance pool coverage that providers enjoy profits from. And it’s not just the other party’s provider that’s the problem; people’s own insurance companies will try to lowball immediate coverage, as well.

Never wait to hire a lawyer following an auto accident.

A personal injury lawyer is essential both for overall financial recovery, as well as to help immediately following an accident. Most people who are injured in an accident have no idea how much their future medical costs might be or how they will pay for them, until long after their physical recovery. That in turn ends up creating sudden and large debts. Choosing the wrong physician or the wrong medical specialist to treat your injuries can also prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. Some physician practices are biased against victims of car accidents. Some doctors work in lockstep with insurance companies. Others have no interest in taking the time or trouble to support their patients when a claim is made. Northeast Florida has a wealth of skilled doctors to choose from. An experienced attorney can make sure your choice doesn’t torpedo your case from the outset. Luckily, it won’t cost you anything to contact a car accident lawyer for a free case review.

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