Children die in hot cars every year. Tragically some of the parents that made this mistake believed it would never happen to them and yet they became overwhelmed, distracted and forgot their child. How do you forget your child? The parent that doesn’t usually drop their child off, the summer routine is changed, the baby falls asleep… whatever the situation we would like to share a few steps to keep your precious cargo safe. Day cares are required to follow procedures to prevent leaving a child behind. When those procedures are not followed children have been placed in danger, left alone sleeping in the back of the van. It is especially important that you insist that if your child’s care giver or grandparents transport your child they set up a procedure to help them remember they have a little one to safe guard. Your car can be deadly after 10 min. even with the windows cracked. Also, please don’t forget our heat will also kill your precious pets. Never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle. Please share this post with parents, grandparents and caregivers.

A Hot Car Tip List for – Parents, Caregiver, Grandparents

1. Buy a stuffed animal large enough to get your attention. When your child is not in the car the stuffed animal rides in their seat when they are in the car the animal is in the front seat with you.

2. Set a daily alarm on your phone for the time you drop off your child. If your routine changes it will serve as a reminder to all and check with dad, grandma or the caregiver

3. Put your purse or briefcase in the backseat when you place your child in their car seat.

4. Print your own reminder on card stock to place in an obvious place close to you.

5. Never leave your car unlocked or your keys easily accessible to a child. Children love to play and hide in cars. Three out of ten children that die from heatstroke have climbed into a parent’s car while unattended.

6. Purchase a “Baby on Board” suction cup sign and place in a visible place where you will see it when you exit the car.

7. Purchase a small mirror that can be placed on the front dash positioned in a place so that you can view your baby in the back. Many late model cars already have this feature.

8. Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle even if you only plan to run into the store for a minute. If you see a child unattended in a vehicle call 911. Stay with the child until emergency help arrives. If you see a pet in a vehicle that you believe is in distress call 911.

If your child is transported by a daycare take the time to check their logs, visit unannounced, check to make sure they are following procedure and if they are not find another daycare and for the sake of other children contact The Department of Children and Families- (904) 723-2000

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