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Bigger is not always better, and in no circumstance is this more accurate, than when considering the big advantages of hiring an experienced, local law firm to handle your personal injury case versus a large, corporate megafirm. Barnes & Cohen is one of the most experienced personal injury law firms serving accident victims for over 40 years in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our team of personal injury attorneys prove every day that experience, skill, and outstanding personal service all lead to better case results for our clients. Personal service is what has driven our firm’s reputation and success for all these years. We believe it is one of the essential benefits accident victims need to look for when choosing a personal injury attorney to represent them.

Why Bigger Personal Injury Law Firms Don’t Always Mean Better

Although many personal injury law firms tout their geographic footprints and sizeable teams of attorneys as a competitive advantage, the reverse is often true. Just as is the case with most large organizations, their considerable size and scale comes with inherent trade-offs. These are characterized by things like impersonal service, significant communication issues, and various other problems that are less obvious but very real, such as negative impacts that result from their carrying significant overhead.

Take a Number: How Important Are You?

Large mega law firms often overload their young inexperienced attorneys with hundreds of accident cases, pushing clients through the system with a cookie cutter approach. This means they have no time for personal service and little or no understanding of what the victim is going through. We believe every personal injury case is unique and every injured victim deserves personal attention. Our experienced personal injury attorneys conduct an in-depth free case review with every client.

Large Mega Law Firms: Promote TV Lawyers You Will Probably Never Even Meet

While large mega law firms promote their TV Lawyers, you may find many of these mega law firms are not based in our local area, their TV lawyers never even enter the courtroom and some of them do not even live near Jacksonville. Barnes & Cohen has convenient offices in Jacksonville, Florida and Kingsland, Georgia and our primary focus is getting the compensation our clients deserve. Our attorneys live and work locally and are experts in the field of personal injury laws and regulations in Florida and Georgia. We have multiple attorneys licensed by the Florida Bar and the Georgia Bar.

Personal service is always an important factor when selecting a personal injury lawyer. A global study revealed that even major international companies still overwhelmingly choose law firms based on personal service and referrals. 71% of the survey respondents indicated that they preferred to outsource most of their work to smaller firms. Of these, 63% indicated that they did so largely because smaller firms provide better client service.

The Real Secret to Personal Injury Law Success: Experience & Personal Attention

The secret to personal injury law success is not how big the law firm is that represents you. Rather, it’s the experience of the attorney who represents you, their expertise, and the time and personal attention they devote to your case.

At Barnes & Cohen, our client’s benefit from the experience of a skilled legal team and a firm with over 40 years of personal injury experience. This includes the personalized attention of our firm’s distinguished founders, Chuck Barnes and Glenn Cohen, who actively involve themselves in every case.

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The Barnes & Cohen team of personal injury lawyers are experienced in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. We represent injured victims in all types of personal injury cases from auto accidents to medical malpractice, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents, premises liability, dog bite injuries, nursing home abuse and more. If you or a loved one have been injured due to another party’s negligence we serve injured victims in Jacksonville, St Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Lake City and the surrounding areas in Northeast Florida as well as Southeast Georgia including Kingsland, St Marys, Camden County, Folkston, Woodbine, Waycross, and Brunswick. Please contact us for a free case review.

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