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Speeding Auto Crash Kills Teen Girl and Seriously Injures Teen Boy

Brunswick, Georgia- A bad decision by a seventeen-year- old teen driver ended with one fatality, one seriously injured and now the seventeen-year-old is behind bars. This speeding Auto Crash has ended with tragic results. The young lady who died when his auto crashed was only fourteen. Glynn County Police clocked the teen on radar in his Ford Mustang traveling at 104 mph apparently, racing with a Dodge Charger on U.S. Highway 82. The Charger stopped when the police pursued the vehicles the Mustang attempted to elude police and continued making a sharp turn into a subdivision on Ratcliff Road. The patrol car was stopped waiting for back-up when the teen driver of the Mustang approached him on foot, scared he told the officer he had crashed his car on Ratcliffe Road and Williamson Avenue. The 14-year-old young lady Kylie Burgess died at the scene. Seventeen-year-old Armen Jordon had to be cut from the vehicle. He was transported to UF Health in Jacksonville, Florida. Armen Jordon from Ware County was a passenger in the vehicle. The crash occurred at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. The seventeen-year-old driver was taken to the hospital in Brunswick for evaluation. He has been arrested and charged with first degree vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, felony fleeing and eluding police, speeding and racing. This tragedy has affected so many families and friends the fourteen-year-old who will never experience the high school prom, college, marriage or children of her own. The greatest tragedy in all of this is the loss of this young fourteen- year-old. The teen who was injured will face a long road to recover physically and emotionally. The seventeen-year-old driver faces an uncertain future and will forever live with knowing his bad decision cost a young teen her life. The families will also suffer through this tragedy. Share this story and the facts below with your teens. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration speeding was a factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities in 2017. Tragically the bad decision to speed killed 9,717 in one year. In 2017 31% of male drivers ages 15-20 involved in fatal crashes were speeding at the time of the crashes. During the same time frame 18% of the female drivers involved in fatal crashes were speeding. The number of speed related fatalities has decreased from 31% in 2008 to 26% in 2017. We must all work together to decrease the number of fatalities on our roads. Download the attached brochure. Read over the facts. Share it with your teens, the young adults in your life and anyone you know involved in risky driving. Learn More

Fatal Pedestrain Crash- Medical Condition May be the Cause

Downtown Jacksonville was the scene of a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. The driver that struck the pedestrian was unconscious at the time, possibly a health-related issue. A 55-year-old woman was struck when a vehicle drove through the intersection of Union and Laura Street and left the roadway. The crash occurred around 7:00 a.m. Monday morning. Witnesses reported the man was unconscious. The driver regained consciousness and was cooperating with the police. The woman was transported to UF Health with serious injuries. She died from injuries sustained in the crash. This tragic scene is a reminder that unchecked health issues may be deadly behind the wheel. Are you concerned about a family member or a friend who may be unsafe to drive because of a medical condition? The Florida Department Highway Safety and Motor vehicles estimate that 10% of traffic accidents are caused by medical conditions. Cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, diabetes, dementia and mental illness are just a few of the conditions which may increase the risk of a driver being involved in a serious traffic collision. Are you concerned about a family member or a friend who may be unsafe to drive because of a medical condition?

Fatal Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle accident has tragically ended the life of a 56-year-old man on Wednesday. The crash occurred as a high school student exited the parking lot at Matanzas High School located in the Palm Coast, Florida area. According to the Florida Highway patrol a 17-year-old high school student driving a Chevrolet Impala pulled out of the parking lot at the school. As he exited the parking lot the teen's car T-boned the motorcycle. The motorcyclist Mark Radcliff was critically injured. He was transported to the hospital where he died as a result of injruies sustained in the crash. The teen had minor injuries. The crash is being investigated. Charges are pending. Motorcyclist deaths occurred 28% times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles based on NHTSA crash data. As we approach May the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's annual Motorcycle Awareness campaign begins. The campaign every year they focus on motorcycle safety as a concern for motorist and motorcyclist. Motorcycle crashes involving another vehicle are frequently the result of the driver not seeing the motorcycle. Blind spots, distracted driving and just glancing too quickly are several of the reasons why drivers miss seeing motorcycles. Many of these tragic accidents could have been prevented. Parent's please take time to use this tragic lesson with your teen drivers and take a moment to reflect on how you can be the best example for your teens. We have a few tips and facts to share with drivers about Motorcycle Awareness.

Fatal Crash in a No Passing Zone

A head-on crash in a no passing zone ended with one woman dead and two men critically injured in Putnam County, Florida. The crash occurred on Saturday just before 9:00 p.m. on State Road 20. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Sean Creamer was heading west on State Road 20 when he attempted to pass another car in a no passing zone, the front of his Honda Civic slammed into a Toyota Camry. Creamer's passenger 53-year-old Martha Scott died from injuries sustained in the crash. Creamer was critically injured. The driver of the Camry was seriously injured. Passing another vehicle in a No passing zone would be considered aggressive driving in most cases. This crash tragically impacted a passenger, her family and her friends and sent the driver of another vehicle to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the Civic that was attempting to pass another vehicle is also facing a long recovery. Multiple studies have shown that over half of all fatal crashes are caused by aggressive actions such as erratic lane changing, tailgating, speeding, or illegal passing. How can you avoid being the victim of a risky driver? We urge parents to pass along the tips to their teens it may save their lives. 

Fatal Trucking Accident

A fatal trucking accident ended in death for a young man trying to get home for Christmas. A 28 year-old motivational speaker from New Jersey was killed on his way home for Christmas when a tractor-trailer crashed into his car on I-95. The accident occurred around 12:30 a.m. Thursday on December 22. Hezekiah Griggs III was parked with his emergency flashers on in the safety zone on I-95 at Old St Augustine Road when a tractor-trailer hit the back of Hezekiah Griggs vehicle. According to the Florida Highway Patrol the tractor- trailer driver from Jacksonville was attempting to merge onto the Interstate when his truck struck the parked Mercedes driven by Hezekiah Griggs. Griggs planned to catch a flight from Orlando to return home in time for Christmas. Hezekiah Griggs died at the scene. A somber Christmas fell over the celebration planned for the family and friends of Hezekiah Griggs after this tragic accident.

Fatal Accident Claims Two Lives Traveling Through Jacksonville

Jacksonville was the scene of a fatal accident claiming the life of two passengers in an SUV on I-295. According to the Florida Highway Patrol a Toyota Sequoia with a U-Haul attached traveling North on I-295 was struck by a Ford sedan. Korey Short, 21 was driving a Ford 500 Hundred sedan when he left the roadway and struck the concrete median, he then reentered the road and struck the U-Haul that was being transported by the SUV. The impact on the U-Haul caused the SUV to flip over ejecting a man and a woman. The ejected passengers Quillerman Cruz, 42 and a 39 year-old man were killed. The driver of the SUV was not injured three other passengers were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. All of the occupants were from out of town. Holidays bring extra travelers to our roadways along with the added traffic of local shoppers and holiday parties accidents increase. Please drive with extra caution and buckle up. 

Jacksonville Teen Dies in Auto Accident

A sad day for Jacksonville after a second teen death on our roadways yesterday both teens were attended high school in the Arlington area. Derek George a 16 year old Atlantic Coast High School student suffered fatal injuries in an auto accident after his car slid off the road and struck a tree. Derek George was leaving school Thursday night after his junior varsity game when he crashed on R.G. Skinner Parkway near Baymeadows Road. Derek George was traveling North on Skinner parkway just after 8 p.m. when his Nissan left the road and hit a tree his two passengers were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Derek George died at the scene. Teammates and friends have created a memorial at the scene leaving flowers, notes and even their own jerseys in memory of Derek George. Earlier in the day on Thursday another teen Denny Grahovic a Sandalwood student died from injuries sustained in an auto accident on Beach Blvd. In the wake of a second teen death in an auto accident in the same area of town the Duval County Public School issued a statement: "The communities of Sandalwood, Atlantic Coast High and all Duval County Public Schools are deeply saddened by the unexpected passing of its two students due to auto accidents. To support the well-being of students and faculty, specially-trained school counselors and social workers will be onsite today at both high schools, and will provide continued support as needed." 

Jacksonville Teens Die in an Auto Accident

Sixteen year old Ruben Kelsey died in a fatal crash on Jacksonville's Arlington Rd. while the younger teens in the SUV with him were hospitalized with serious injuries around 4 a.m. on Sunday. The Honda Pilot was reported stolen from a Mandarin home prior to the crash. The driver was apparently driving at a high rate of speed when they lost control trying to navigate a turn onto Rogero Rd. The vehicle crossed the median and struck a concrete wall and a large utility pole. The impact caused serious damage to the vehicle ejecting the three teens from the SUV. Rueben Kelsey was pronounced dead at the scene the other 2 occupants were only 14 years old. The 14 year olds were reported to be in critical but stable condition. Jacksonville Sherriff's Office had some difficulty identifying the 14 year olds since they were not old enough to have a driver's license. If your teens have a phone make sure they have entered emergency health data and contact information on their phone. The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles issues Florida ID cards with photos for anyone over 5 years of age. Proof of residency and identification is required more information is available at this link. The Florida ID is also a good ID for seniors that no longer drive. 

Jacksonville Fatal Multi-Vehicle Auto Accident

A fatal multi-vehicle auto accident transpired on J Turner Butler Blvd. in Jacksonville when a driver carelessly changed lanes according to witnesses. A Toyota Tundra pick-up truck driven by Kenneth Cruz swerved to avoid the vehicle changing lanes. The Toyota pick-up left the roadway and flipped over according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Preston Edwards, 26 years old died from injuries sustained in the accident. Cruz was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. A second passenger in the truck was not injured. The lane changing driver continued on their way without stopping. If you are involved in an auto accident prompt action is required, especially when medical attention is needed. 

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