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Infant Dies in Daycare Hot Car Incident

The tragic death of an infant could have been prevented at a Daycare Center in Jacksonville. The four- month-old infant died after being left in the daycare van for around 5 hours in the scorching heat on Wednesday. The van driver Daryl Ewing has been arrested for child neglect. Ewing's Love and Hope Preschool on Lenox Avenue owned by Daryl and his wife had fourteen children in their care. So many serious issues in this Daycare put all of the children in this center at risk. Negligence on the part of the daycare owner and the Florida Department of Children and Family Services contributed to this child's death. Both Daryl and his wife have arrest records which indicate the children were not in the hands of responsible caring adults. If the daycare regulations for transporting children had been followed this infant would not have been forgotten. Florida Daycare regulations require a transportation log. ALL of the children's names must be recorded in the log along with the date and time they entered the van. They also require that the driver and another daycare staff member check the transportation log and check the vehicle after it arrives walking from front to back making sure that children are not left behind. Yesterday this infant was left alone in buckled in her car seat in the third row. Investigators found the baby girls name was not on the drivers log only her siblings who made it into the daycare were listed. Both Daryl and his wife have arrest records which indicate the children were not in the hands of responsible caring adults. The daycare facility still held a valid daycare license. But the facility had not been approved to transport children. The state has suspended the daycare license sadly, too late for this little one. Every year we see serious injuries from daycare facilities that are not properly supervising the children they are paid to watch. Untrained staff, too many children for the number of care givers, unsafe playgrounds and children forgotten in daycare vans are just a few of the many issues that place your child at risk for serious injuries or even death. We have additional information on daycare regulations and tips on how to choose a childcare facility. Daycares are licensed and inspected by the state but as we can see from this tragic story a license does not guarantee the facility is safe. Don't be afraid to ask questions, interview the director and all of the staff working with your child. Make sure that every worker has been through a background check. Look carefully at the playground. Visit unannounced. If a facility will not let you visit unannounced this should be a red flag. Do the math, are they observing the proper staff to child ratio determined by age. Don't accept excuses. Download the Childcare Facility Handbook published by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Learn More

Tragic Accident Kills Toddler

Child Dies in a tragic accident, is it due to negligence. A typical Saturday afternoon trip to Bruster's Ice Cream Shop in Auburn, Alabama turned tragic for one family as their three year old child fell into a grease trap. Sadie Grace Andrews was playing outside the ice cream shop with her 5 siblings after she finished her ice cream. In a moments time her parents realized the toddler was missing. A quick glance around the area where Sadie and her siblings were playing their first thought was the missing toddler must have been abduct...ed. Police were called as Sadie's family continued to search the area. Her father noticed pipes sticking out of the ground and the lid on the grease trap was unsecured. As he lifted the lid he immediately noticed what looked like the Alabama Crimson Tide T-shirt Sadie was wearing that day. They pulled her out and started CPR until paramedics arrived. Sadie was transported to a hospital but efforts to revive her were unsuccessful. The grease trap was 6 feet underground located in a grassy area near picnic tables where children often eat ice cream and play. The grease pit that claimed the life of Sadie Grace Andrews was not locked or secured, located underground it was 6 feet deep and around 2 feet wide. Surveillance video from the ice cream shop showed Sadie stepped on the lid it flipped open, she slid in and the lid flipped upside down covering the grease pit, trapping Sadie and covering the grease she was drowning in from her parents view. Business owners are responsible for keeping premises free of hazards that could cause you harm. You have a right to expect you and your family will be safe from reasonable harm when you are on business property. Business owners should inspect their establishment throughout the day or have a trusted responsible employee inspect areas for danger. Obviously, the business owner never meant for this to happen but we only hope this tragic accident will be a reminder to every business owner to make sure they have safe guards in place and responsible employees that will double check hazards of this magnitude. 

Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Orange Park, Fl- A fatal pedestrian accident was a tragic scene this morning for residents along Capella Road in Orange Park. Around 9 this morning residents along Capella Road between Uranus Lane and Centura Drive went outside their homes and discovered a body in the road. Neighbors have been concerned about speeding in the area. The shock set in as police investigators gathered. The victim apparently hit by a vehicle and left to die alone another deadly hit-and-run accident. According to the Florida Highway Patrol the accident occurred Tuesday morning before 9 a.m. The victim was an adult male. Investigators have not released the victims name.

Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Children die in hot cars every year. Tragically some of the parents that made this mistake believed it would never happen to them and yet they became overwhelmed, distracted and forgot their child. How do you forget your child? The parent that doesn't usually drop their child off, the summer routine is changed, the baby falls asleep... whatever the situation we would like to share a few steps to keep your precious cargo safe. Day cares are required to follow procedures to prevent leaving a child behind. When those procedures are not followed children have been placed in danger, left alone sleeping in the back of the van. It is especially important that you insist that if your child's care giver or grandparents transport your child they set up a procedure to help them remember they have a little one to safe guard. Your car can be deadly after 10 min. even with the windows cracked. Also, please don't forget our heat will also kill your precious pets. Never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle. Please share this post with parents, grandparents and caregivers.

Auto Accident Claims the Life of a Teen

Jirawadi Marie Battenhouse was only 19 years old when she accidentin the Flagler Beach area over the weekend. Jirawadi Battenhouse was heading south on Interstate 95 when she entered the emergency lane. Battenhouse was driving a 1998 Lexus ES 300; her vehicle struck the guardrail and then reentered the southbound lane of I-95 coming to a stop in the center lane just south of Palm Coast Parkway. The driver of a 2015 Acura failed to stop in time and rear ended Battenhouse . The impact sent Jirawadi Battenhouse and her vehicle spinning, she struck the guardrail before stopping. The driver of the Acura, Stephanie Finnell received minor injuries. Jirawadi Battenhouse died from extensive brain damage and a ruptured lung, injuries she sustained in the auto accident. The Florida Highway Patrol are investigating the accident, charges are pending. Jirawadi was a native of Flagler Beach, Florida, a photographer, musician and curator of Art. Please don't drive distracted be aware of vehicles in the emergency lane. 

Jacksonville-Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Jacksonville was the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident the last week of April when 71 year old Higinio Gonzalez was thrown from his motorcycle when a car crash into his motorcycle. Higinio Gonzalez was traveling eastbound on Beach Blvd. at Forest Blvd. wearing his helmet in the middle of the day when a driver heading westbound made a left hand turn crashing into Higinio Gonzalez. The victim was transported to the hospital. He was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital. May is Motorcycle Awareness month as we look at the data sadly motorcycle fatalities have continued to increase. Share the Road with motorcycles, pedestrians and bicyclist. Remember "Look Twice Save a Life." Higinio Gonzalez had served in the military, he loved to ride motorcycles.

Fatal Trucking Accident

A fatal trucking accident ended in death for a young man trying to get home for Christmas. A 28 year-old motivational speaker from New Jersey was killed on his way home for Christmas when a tractor-trailer crashed into his car on I-95. The accident occurred around 12:30 a.m. Thursday on December 22. Hezekiah Griggs III was parked with his emergency flashers on in the safety zone on I-95 at Old St Augustine Road when a tractor-trailer hit the back of Hezekiah Griggs vehicle. According to the Florida Highway Patrol the tractor- trailer driver from Jacksonville was attempting to merge onto the Interstate when his truck struck the parked Mercedes driven by Hezekiah Griggs. Griggs planned to catch a flight from Orlando to return home in time for Christmas. Hezekiah Griggs died at the scene. A somber Christmas fell over the celebration planned for the family and friends of Hezekiah Griggs after this tragic accident.

Organ Donor Brings Hope After Tragic Accident

A tragic accident that brought devastation to a family at Thanksgiving has given renewed hope for five families through an organ donor program. Megan Twist was only 23 years old when she fell from the back of a moving pick-up truck. Megan Twist was an organ donor, after her tragic death her lungs went to a 49 year-old man, her liver went to help a 64 year-old woman, her left kidney and pancreas were donated to a 39 year-old woman and her right kidney were donated to a 25 year-old woman. The family of Megan Twist has found strength in this tragic situation knowing her organs have saved the lives of others. They hope to one day meet the recipients of Megan's organs. The accident that claimed Megan's life occurred in Brunswick, Georgia while her boyfriend Richard Wiltfang was at the wheel of his pick-up truck. According to the Brunswick police department the accident is still under investigation.

Jacksonville Teen Dies in Multi Car Accident

Jacksonville's Beach Boulevard was the scene of a major accident yesterday that claimed the life of a teen. When a major road closes on a busy day our heart aches because we know the accident ahead was a serious one. Sadly yesterday the intersection of St Johns Bluff road and Beach Blvd was backed up due to a deadly accident. According the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office an SUV driven by a 39 year old woman ran a red light at high speeds her vehicle went over the concrete median on Beach Blvd. striking a Honda, a tanker truck and a Lexus. The driver of the SUV was hospitalized with serious injuries. The driver of the Honda Denny Grahovic was transported to the hospital where he died later in the day from injuries sustained in the accident. Denny Grahovic was only 18; his passenger a 16 year old female was also seriously injured. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating the cause of this accident speed is one factor that has been identified already.

Brunswick Georgia was the scene of a fatal accident when a young Jacksonville woman was thrown from the back of a pick-up truck. The accident occurred Saturday evening just before 7 p.m. in the 1400 block of Reynolds Street. The Glynn County Sheriff's Office needs your help in their investigation if you witnessed this fatal accident. Megan Twist was riding in the back of a truck driven by her boyfriend Richard Robert Wilftang when she fell from the back. Megan Twist was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to UF Health in Jacksonville where she died Monday night from injuries sustained in the accident. Megan Twist was only 23 years old her loved ones are hoping for the truth about what happened to Megan. A memorial wreath marks the spot where Megan Twist was thrown from the truck. The police have many questions including a search for two Good Samaritans that helped Megan Twist after she fell from the vehicle. If you have any information please call Sargent Jose Galdamez at 912-279-2650. 

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