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DON’T be convinced by an insurance company to give a recorded statement to the company’s adjuster or investigator before you’ve hired an attorney. IF YOU DO, you are at the complete mercy of a skilled interrogator who knows the subtleties of the law and just how to trap you into statements that can harm or completely destroy your case – in no type of case is this more dangerous than in Fall Down Cases, but it truly applies to all cases. Clever, “sympathetic” Insurance adjusters lure victims into cooperating by saying that giving a statement will “hurry up the processing of your claim,” or enable me to “process your bills” or even “be able to assist you more quickly.”

DON’T FALL FOR IT! As soon as the insurance company has that recorded statement, the company will vanish from the radar. Your phone calls will go unanswered, the help you were supposed to receive after giving your statement does not materialize. In frustration, you decide to come to an attorney. And sometimes we can “repair” the damage because sometimes these adjusters weren’t as clever as they thought. But the statement NEVER helps your case and too often works to your DISADVANTAGE. So PLEASE, make a FREE APPOINTMENT with an attorney at Barnes & Cohen BEFORE giving any statements – especially telephone or in person recorded statements

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