Dog attacks can be serious or even deadly. Being prepared may help protect you if you are ever attacked.

What should you do if you are ever attacked by a vicious dog?

Consider walking with a flashlight or a walking stick for added protection.

Place any object you have between you and the dog. If you have a purse, a jacket or anything you may be able to reach.

If you are knocked down, curl up into a ball, tuck your head in and your hands over your ears and neck. Protect your face, head and neck as much as possible.

Report the incident and seek medical attention.

Medical attention is important even if the dog is up to date on rabies vaccination. The bacteria in a dog’s mouth may cause a host of other infections after a dog bite attack.

If you know the owner of the dog, you will want to verify that the dog is current on their rabies vaccination.

A dog attack on Jacksonville’s Westside has left a neighborhood shaken as police try and track down the dogs and their owners. The victim, Rhonda Broadnax, was walking in her neighborhood right in front of her own house when two pit bulls began chasing her until she fell. Rhonda Broadnax was left with bite marks and scares on her leg but she is thankful her neighbors dog came to her rescue before the dogs continued the attack. Jordan, her neighbor’s dog jumped the fence in his yard to defend Broadnax. Jordan, a chocolate Lab mix chased the two dogs away and then returned to home. The owner of the dog Johnny Mims was proud that his dog rescued Broadnax. The entire attack was caught on Rhonda Broadnax’s home security camera. This is not the only incident with the same two dogs in this neighborhood. Sadly, pets, children and even adults are not safe until the negligent owners of these two animals are found. While some may be upset that the pit bull breed has been named in this attack the responsibility rest on the shoulders of the owners to keep their dogs from roaming free and attacking others. While incidents like this one could not be prevented we suggest you educate your children on dog bite safety. For Tips to share with your children on dog bite prevention. If you or your loved one has been attacked by a dog. We offer a free legal consultation designed to help you get your medical bills paid and recover the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.

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