Were you recently injured due to the actions or negligence of another party? If so, you might be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and more. To do so effectively, you’ll need to have a personal injury attorney on your side; but not just any lawyer will do. You need someone who is well-versed in helping their clients get the compensation they deserve. With so many lawyers out there today, that’s easier said than done. We’ve put together this helpful guide on choosing a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida and Southeast Georgia.

Look at Your Attorney’s Experience and Reputation

Effective personal injury lawyers have extensive experience fighting for compensation on behalf of their clients and a solid reputation in getting great results. To identify these professionals, you have to look beyond their advertising and into their history as a trusted attorney. Fortunately, that’s quite easy. Simply check out their online reviews, and read through their website to learn about their previous case experience.

As you explore their backgrounds, you should expect decades of experience and numerous satisfied clients. The Barnes & Cohen firm, for example, has over 35 years of experience as personal injury lawyers and many personal injury judgements in the $1 million range and beyond. With that level of success on your side, you have the best chance at winning your case and getting maximum compensation for your injuries.

Make Sure They Specialize in Personal Injury

Personal injury cases require an in-depth understanding of what works at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. A bankruptcy lawyer cannot offer that, nor can attorneys in any other discipline. You need an attorney who specializes in personal injury and knows all the ins and outs of those types of cases.

Lawyers who specialize in personal injury, like Barnes & Cohen, understand all the ways you may be suffering—both physically and financially—from your injuries. Our attorneys are well-versed in fighting for all the different types of compensation you deserve.

The best personal injury attorneys help ensure you get enough money to cover all your:

  • Past and future medical treatments
  • Physical therapy visits
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Home and vehicle modifications
  • Prescription medications
  • Home care nursing
  • Lost wages
  • Retirement discrepancies

They also go beyond those areas to secure non-economic compensation, including the impact your injuries have on your quality of life.

Lady Justice

Seek Trial Attorneys with Courtroom Expertise

Personal injury lawyers have to excel at both the negotiation table and in the courtroom. No matter how skilled they are in negotiations, their trial expertise matters as well since not all cases can be settled in your best interest outside of the courtroom. Therefore, their experience should show just as many wins at trial as at the negotiation table. If not, then you might want to continue your search for the right lawyer who can help no matter where the case ends up.

Verify that They Are Appropriately Licensed by the Bar

No matter where you live, you have to present your personal injury case in the state where the incident happened. In order to do so with help from a lawyer, they need to be licensed by the American Bar Association for that state. Otherwise, they do not have the ability to practice in that area, leaving you scrambling for proper legal representation.

To avoid that scenario when hiring a personal injury attorney in Southeast Georgia or Jacksonville, Florida—where residents of one area may have been injured while traveling in the other—verify that the lawyer you choose is licensed by the Bar Associations of Florida and Georgia. Barnes & Cohen has multiple attorneys licensed in both of these states.

Schedule a Meeting to Get to Know Your Lawyer

You may spend many hours going over the details of your case, sitting at the negotiation table and presenting your case to the court. So, you definitely need an attorney who you feel comfortable around and trust to fight for your rights. Set up an introductory consultation to get to know the lawyer and share the story of your accident.

During the meeting, verify that your personal injury attorney will remain involved in all aspects of your case and by your side, every step of the way. At Barnes & Cohen, even our principals get involved in almost every case to help our clients achieve the best outcome possible.

Check that Your Attorney is Local and Available to Help

Some law firms run ads all over the state or even the country without considering how they will support their clients. To get the representation you need, it’s important that your attorney is local and available to help.

With Barnes & Cohen, you can rest assured that your lawyer not only works and lives in your area, but that they also won’t pass your case off to an inexperienced attorney somewhere else due to a heavy caseload. With law offices in St. Mary’s and Brunswick, Georgia, as well as Jacksonville, Florida, you can trust that our attorneys at Barnes & Cohen will always be available when you need our support.

With this guide, we hope you are able to better choose an attorney with a deep understanding of the complexities of personal injury law. You’re always welcome to schedule a free consultation with Barnes & Cohen to explore our experience, expertise and reputation to see if we are a good fit for your case. You can give us a call at 904-346-4357 or at 912-729-4357 to get started.

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