Tractor-Trailer Accident

Fatal Tractor-Trailer Accidents Are on The Rise 

Fatal Tractor-trailer accidents are on the rise in Florida and Georgia. Trucking accident fatalities have shown a steady increase since 2009. Defective Brakes one of the leading causes of Tractor-trailer accidents according to, Trucking Accident Attorney, Chuck Barnes with Barnes & Cohen Personal Injury Attorneys.  Located in Jacksonville Florida and Kingsland Georgia. Barnes & Cohen has years of experience successfully defending the rights of trucking accident victims.


Defective Brakes Leading Cause of Trucking Accidents

In a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration failed brakes was the leading cause of Semi-truck crashes. A well-publicized trucking accident in 2019 caused a 28-car pile-up, killed four people and injured six. The brakes failed causing the semi-truck to plow into cars stopped at a traffic light. The driver was charged with vehicular homicide. The truck driver was convicted and sentenced to a long jail term. The jury was convinced that the truck driver was guilty of failure to maintain the brakes of his semi-truck. The semi-truck driver did not suffer an injures in the crash. Semi-truck drivers given the massive size of their vehicle are only injured about 20% of the time in trucking accidents. Passengers in smaller vehicles often face serious injuries or even death.

Trucking Accident in Jacksonville Florida- Multiple Tractor-Trailers- 35 Cars- 11 Injured

The crash occurred on I-95 South at Airport Road in Jacksonville Florida. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the I-95 pile-up began when a car rear-ended another car. A tractor-trailer swerved into the right lane crashing into another tractor-trailer. The initial crash continued to cause a chain reaction leaving 35 wrecked vehicles including 6 semi-trucks and a horse trailer with 2 horses who were not injured in the crash onboard. The crash sent 11 people to the hospital.  “Did the Tractor-trailer driver that initially caused this pile-up lose control due to a poorly maintained truck?” An Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney would investigate this question.

 Dangers Associated with Poorly Maintained Tractor-Trailers.

It is essential that tractor-trailer trucking companies maintain their tractor-trailers. Loaded semi-trucks commonly weigh up to 80,000 pounds. This weight factor places occupants of passenger vehicles at risk. When these enormous vehicles are traveling at highway speeds, any defect in a tire, brake, or other component can cause loss of control of the semi-truck, and a catastrophic accident.  Heavy trucks use air brakes which are complicated, hard to maintain, and less effective than the hydraulic brake systems found on light vehicles. Truck brake systems include an engine mounted air compressor, several tanks, numerous lines and valves, and the actuating units at each wheel. Critical adjustments must be made and maintained on the “S” cam drum brakes, to avoid catastrophic failure. Such brake defects have been the basis for many successful injury claims in Florida and Georgia.

Fatal Tractor-Trailer Accidents – Florida and Georgia Rank in the Top 5 States 

Fatal Tractor-Trailer Accidents are on the rise in fact Florida and Georgia are both ranked in the top five states for the most tractor-trailer accidents. Barnes & Cohen Personal Injury Attorney Patrick Sullivan has seen the devastating effects of trucking accidents in South Georgia. Patrick Sullivan manages the Kingsland Georgia office for Barnes & Cohen Personal Injury Law Firm.

Why do You Need an Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney?

Experienced Trucking Accident Attorneys Barnes & Cohen thoroughly investigate the factors that led to your collision with a tractor-trailer. Tractor-trailer accidents often occur when a trucking company or a truck driver bends the safety rules designed to keep our roads safe. At Barnes & Cohen our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to your collision with a semi-truck, including:

  • Was the tractor-trailer receiving all necessary maintenance? Over 29% of all trucking accidents occur due to failed brakes.
  • Was the driver on the road for more hours than the law allows?
  • Was the truck driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Was the truck driver distracted by their cell phone? Texting or making calls?
  • Did the truck driver have a current commercial driver’s license appropriate for the vehicle they were driving?
  • Does the truck driver have previous violations or accidents on their record?
  • Did the truck driver make a poor decision that caused the collision?
  • Did the truck driver have unauthorized or underage passengers in their truck?

Trucking Accident in Florida- 14 Days Makes a Difference

If you have suffered injuries in a trucking accident in Florida, you only have 14 days before benefits may be reduced. It is essential that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If you fail to seek medical care within 14 days your auto insurance medical benefits may be slashed by as much as 75%. An experienced Trucking Accident Attorney can help you through this difficult process.

What Should I Do if I Have Been Injured in a Trucking Accident?

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Trucking Accident?

How Can I Find the Best Trucking Accident Attorney in Jacksonville Florida or South Georgia?

Injured in a Trucking Accident? You need to know who is liable, who is going to help me pay my bills. You need a Personal Injury Attorney one that is Experienced in Trucking Accidents. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a trucking accident Barnes & Cohen is here to help. We offer a Free Consultation at our Jacksonville Florida office and our Kingsland office, or we will come to you.



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