Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Jacksonville

A Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Jacksonville Florida claims the life of a young man. The motorcyclist was heading west on Town Center Parkway when a Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck heading south on St Johns Bluff Rd. The Toyota pick-up truck made a right-hand turn onto Town Center Parkway crashing into the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist died at the scene.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office the motorcycle rider was a young man in his 30’s. The Fatal Motorcycle Accident occurred Sunday evening around 8:22 pm.

Barnes and Cohen Personal Injury Attorneys have seen too many Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents and Pedestrian Accidents happen when drivers glance before they turn looking for a vehicle, they turn not even seeing the Motorcycle, Bicycle or Pedestrian. We are saddened by this tragic scenario. Barnes and Cohen Motorcycle Accident Attorneys have been helping motorcycle riders injured in serious motorcycle crashes for over 40 years. Please “Look Twice Save A Life.”


Motorcycle Riders Suffer a Higher Rate of Fatalities in Accidents 

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Tragic Motorcycle Crash fatalities happen at a significantly higher rate compared with those in automobiles across the nation. According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration Florida continues to rank #1 in motorcycle fatalities across the nation with California ranking a close second even though California had significantly more registered motorcycle riders. Florida records over 500 deaths every year due to motorcycle crashes. Recent data for the state of Florida shows March is the peak month for motorcycle fatalities with Saturday being the leading day. Over the last 20 years motorcycle fatalities have doubled with most years showing small increases.

Motorcycle Riders Suffer a Higher Rate of Serious Injuries in Accidents

According to the CDC over 180,000 motorcycle riders were treated in emergency departments for Motorcycle Crash Injuries. Serious head injuries were common among motorcyclists involved in accidents. The CDC recommends motorcyclists wear an approved helmet. Florida law requires all motorcycle riders under the age of 21 must wear a motorcycle helmet. Florida law also requires all motorcycle riders wear proper eye protection when traveling on public roads. Georgia requires all motorcycle riders wear a motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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