A head-on crash in a no passing zone ended with one woman dead and two men critically injured in Putnam County, Florida. The crash occurred on Saturday just before 9:00 p.m. on State Road 20. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Sean Creamer was heading west on State Road 20 when he attempted to pass another car in a no passing zone, the front of his Honda Civic slammed into a Toyota Camry. Creamer’s passenger 53-year-old Martha Scott died from injuries sustained in the crash. Creamer was critically injured. The driver of the Camry was seriously injured. Passing another vehicle in a No passing zone would be considered aggressive driving in most cases. This crash tragically impacted a passenger, her family and her friends and sent the driver of another vehicle to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the Civic that was attempting to pass another vehicle is also facing a long recovery. Multiple studies have shown that over half of all fatal crashes are caused by aggressive actions such as erratic lane changing, tailgating, speeding, or illegal passing. How can you avoid being the victim of a risky driver? We urge parents to pass along the tips to their teens it may save their lives.

Aggressive drivers often affect other drivers, pedestrians and motorcyclist. Practice defensive driving to minimize your risk.

How can you avoid being the victim of a risky driver?

· If another vehicle is attempting to pass, let them by, slow down if necessary. It is better to arrive late than never arrive at all.

· If you notice someone speeding excessively, give them as much space as possible

· Don’t tailgate.

· When passing another vehicle make sure you allow plenty of space between vehicles. Leave additional space for motorcycles.

· When driving on a highway with multiple lanes, if you prefer driving slower drive in the right-hand lane so that faster vehicles can easily pass.

· If another vehicle is tailgating, if you can do so safely move over to another lane.

· Forget Winning! Drive defensively, don’t engage a driver attempting to get you to race.

· If another driver acts unkindly with gestures, screaming or other aggressive behavior. Ignore their rudeness. Never engage them back they may be dangerous. Call-911 if you can do so safely or if you have a passenger have them call.

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