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Texas Church Tragic Shooting

We are shaken this morning as we reflect on the tragedy of 26 people being killed in a Texas church. The photo above shows first a happier time at the Fall festival before the church was attacked and a later photo of the church members pulling together to remember and pray for the church and the members who have lost so much. Devin Kelley opened fire with a rifle at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. He began firing even before he entered the church killing 26 and wounding at least 20 others outside and inside the church. The shooter, Kelley had received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force in 2012 after assaulting his spouse and their child. He served a year in confinement for the assault. His anger, bitterness and mental illness led him to the church where his In-Laws worshiped, but they were not in attendance that fateful day. An armed neighbor stepped in and chased Kelley while in touch with local authorities until Kelley apparently shot himself and wrecked after a high -speed chase. The church members and visitors that became victims that day range in age from 5 to 72 and an unborn baby. A pregnant woman along with three of her children were killed. Church members report the pastor's 14-year- old daughter was among the victims. One family lost eight family members. Everyone in this small town lost a friend, a neighbor or a family member. Many businesses and organizations are rethinking security. Our nation is in mourning as we reflect on the recent tragedies in our nation that place all of us at risk and rip at the peace and security we all cherish in this nation.

Tragic Accident Kills Toddler

Child Dies in a tragic accident, is it due to negligence. A typical Saturday afternoon trip to Bruster's Ice Cream Shop in Auburn, Alabama turned tragic for one family as their three year old child fell into a grease trap. Sadie Grace Andrews was playing outside the ice cream shop with her 5 siblings after she finished her ice cream. In a moments time her parents realized the toddler was missing. A quick glance around the area where Sadie and her siblings were playing their first thought was the missing toddler must have been abduct...ed. Police were called as Sadie's family continued to search the area. Her father noticed pipes sticking out of the ground and the lid on the grease trap was unsecured. As he lifted the lid he immediately noticed what looked like the Alabama Crimson Tide T-shirt Sadie was wearing that day. They pulled her out and started CPR until paramedics arrived. Sadie was transported to a hospital but efforts to revive her were unsuccessful. The grease trap was 6 feet underground located in a grassy area near picnic tables where children often eat ice cream and play. The grease pit that claimed the life of Sadie Grace Andrews was not locked or secured, located underground it was 6 feet deep and around 2 feet wide. Surveillance video from the ice cream shop showed Sadie stepped on the lid it flipped open, she slid in and the lid flipped upside down covering the grease pit, trapping Sadie and covering the grease she was drowning in from her parents view. Business owners are responsible for keeping premises free of hazards that could cause you harm. You have a right to expect you and your family will be safe from reasonable harm when you are on business property. Business owners should inspect their establishment throughout the day or have a trusted responsible employee inspect areas for danger. Obviously, the business owner never meant for this to happen but we only hope this tragic accident will be a reminder to every business owner to make sure they have safe guards in place and responsible employees that will double check hazards of this magnitude. 

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