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Florida Woman Seriously Injured in a Vicious Dog Bite Attack

A vicious dog bite attack sent a 73-year-old woman to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The attack occurred in Hastings on Luther Beck Road just south of Jacksonville. Tammy Degoyler was attacked on her own property by two Rottweilers. When police arrived on the scene the dogs were acting aggressively to the police officers. The officers were forced to shoot the dogs in self-defense. One dog died at the scene the other dog was taken to the veterinarian. Days before this vicious dog attack Tammy Degoyler and her husband were on the local news. Sadly, the couple had battled a leaky roof since hurricane Matthew in 2016. After 4 years of mold, mildew and leaky roof problems they were finally in the process of getting a new roof. A local non-profit group had taken on the project. Tammy Degoyler was well aware of the dangerous dogs on her road and warned all of the roofers to watch out for the dog. Neighbors in the area had also experienced issues with the vicious dogs. Fortunately, Tammy Degoyler has pulled through the most critical hours. She will undergo physical therapy. She suffered deep lacerations to her back and arms from the dog bites. It sounds like Tammy did everything she could to protect herself and probably saved her own life by protecting her face and head. We are sad to know that a neighborhood was held hostage by vicious dogs escaping their fence and roaming the area. If you or a loved one has been attacked by a vicious dog call our office for a Free Consultation. If you have serious injuries our Personal Injury Attorneys can help you with legal issues and medical bills connected with a dog bitting incident. 

Auto Crash Leaves Jacksonville Police Officer with Serious Injuries

A police officer was seriously injured in a crash on Jacksonville's Northside while on duty. Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, A. Jordan was assisting in a lane closure on interstate I-95 close to the Golfair exit when the crash occurred. Sunday evening around 9:30 p.m. a Black Chevrolet Silverado was traveling northbound on I-95 when the vehicle crashed into the back of the patrol car. The lane closure was clearly marked. A. Jordan was in a marked Police vehicle with emergency lighting activated. The police officer and the driver of the Silverado truck were transported to UF Health with serious injuries. Sadly, this situation sounds like a distracted driver situation. Distracted driving takes on many forms from DUI, texting, sleep deprivation, a cellphone conversation or even an emergency situation with a driver's health. All but one of these situations is preventable by the driver. According to the Florida Highway Patrol the crash is under investigation and charges are pending against the driver of the Silverado. Questions remain as to why the driver of the Silverado failed to see the lane closure and the patrol cars. We are grateful for the service police officers provide for our community and their willingness to put their personal safety on the line to serve. We wish officer Jordan a speedy recovery. 

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