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A motorcycle accident has tragically ended the life of a 56-year-old man on Wednesday. The crash occurred as a high school student exited the parking lot at Matanzas High School located in the Palm Coast, Florida area. According to the Florida Highway patrol a 17-year-old high school student driving a Chevrolet Impala pulled out of the parking lot at the school. As he exited the parking lot the teen's car T-boned the motorcycle. The motorcyclist Mark Radcliff was critically injured. He was transported to the hospital where he died as a result of injruies sustained in the crash. The teen had minor injuries. The crash is being investigated. Charges are pending. Motorcyclist deaths occurred 28% times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles based on NHTSA crash data. As we approach May the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's annual Motorcycle Awareness campaign begins. The campaign every year they focus on motorcycle safety as a concern for motorist and motorcyclist. Motorcycle crashes involving another vehicle are frequently the result of the driver not seeing the motorcycle. Blind spots, distracted driving and just glancing too quickly are several of the reasons why drivers miss seeing motorcycles. Many of these tragic accidents could have been prevented. Parent's please take time to use this tragic lesson with your teen drivers and take a moment to reflect on how you can be the best example for your teens. We have a few tips and facts to share with drivers about Motorcycle Awareness.

Motorcyclist deaths occurred 28% times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles based on NHTSA crash data. Every driver needs to be reminded that motorcycles are everywhere.

Did You Know?

· Even the smallest momentary lapse in a driver's awareness can result in the death of an unseen motorcyclist.

· Your car has blind spots, properly adjusting your mirrors can make a difference. Be sure to check mirrors and blind spots before switching to another traffic lane.

· Because motorcycles are small, they can be difficult to see. Their size can cause drivers to misjudge a motorcycles speed and distance.

· You should always leave more space between your vehicle and a motorcycle

· Allow a motorcyclist a full lane width.

· Failure to see the motorcyclist is one of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes with cars.

· Motorcyclist accounted for nearly 14% of all traffic fatalities but only 3 % of all registered vehicles.

· Florida is ranked #1 in motorcyclist deaths

· Every year since 2007 motorcycle registrations have increased. Be aware there are more motorcycles on the road.

· Motorcycle fatalities continue to increase in spite of NHTSA's awareness campaign every year.

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