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When you step onto someone else's property, whether a friend's, a family member's, a business's or a municipal government's, the property owner has a duty to make sure the premises is free of hazards that could cause you harm. Slip-and-fall accidents may seem minor, but they can lead to serious medical problems.

If you slip and fall and hurt yourself due to a wet floor, broken pavement, liquid spills over floors, dangerous stairs, bad lighting, broken glass or other unsafe conditions, you need lawyers on your side who know how to be aggressive when going up against insurance companies and their lawyers. Contact Barnes & Cohen today in Jacksonville, Florida, for the representation you deserve. If you live in Georgia, call our Georgia office.

What Should You Do If You Trip And Fall?

In the immediate aftermath of your accident, there are important steps that will help you through this accident. Those include:

  • Seeking medical attention and making sure that your doctor documents everything.
  • Reporting the incident to someone in charge, like a manager, and asking him or her to make a report of your accident.
  • Taking pictures of the scene, including photos of any video cameras that could possibly record your fall. It is likely that the business will work quickly to fix or clean up evidence of the safety hazard.
  • Speaking with witnesses and collecting their contact information.
  • Call Barnes & Cohen - We offer a Free No Obligation Consultation. We will investigate quickly before evidence disappears, we will advise you and take over all those difficult calls with the insurance company.
  • Don't give a statement to an insurance company or investigator without your attorney present.

Do Not Trust A Business Or Its Insurance Company To Keep Your Best Interests At Heart

Our Results: $2,500,000 Jury Verdict Awarded To Slip-And-Fall Victim: MGH v. ABC Liquors: Female client slipped and fell on a broken bottle of liquor. Victim underwent unsuccessful back surgery leaving her with failed back syndrome. The 39-year-old victim eventually lost her job and was unable to work. Jury verdict: one of the highest slip-and-fall verdicts in recent history of North Florida.

As our client, you will have the advantage of working with experienced trial lawyers, we know what it takes to be successful against big insurance companies. At Barnes & Cohen, we have medical experts, investigators and a dedicated legal team determined to help you get the compensation you need to get your life back on track.


Speak with a personal injury attorney before talking to the insurance company or accepting any offer. Contact Barnes & Cohen and protect your rights, Hablamos español. With offices in Jacksonville, St. Marys and Brunswick, we are convenient to find. In Florida, call 904-300-1659. In Georgia, call 912-208-2578.