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Jacksonville's Boating Injury Attorneys, Barnes & Cohen

As Jacksonville residents Chuck Barnes & Glenn Cohen enjoy boating in North Florida and South Georgia. Unfortunately, not everyone observes safety regulations on our waterways. Boating accidents may result in serious injuries, unpaid medical bills, lost wages, permanent disabilities or even death. Operator inattention and operator inexperience have been leading factors in boating accidents. According to the US Coast Guard Florida leads the nation in boating accidents with 9% of our nation’s total boating accidents occurring in Florida. Georgia’s boating accidents are significantly less, recording 1.7% of our nation’s total boating accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident Barnes & Cohen is here to help!

Boating operators are responsible for the injuries and the destruction of property caused by their negligence. Pleasure boats, personal watercraft, jet skis and commercial boats operated with excessive speed or too close to skiers and boaters carelessly put others at risk. Accidents often occur among friends enjoying our waterways together. Alcohol is often a factor. Injured victims often trust a friend or even their insurance company to do the right thing. As a boating, diving and fishing enthusiast Chuck Barnes, understands boating laws in Florida and Georgia. At Barnes & Cohen we understand how to deal with the insurance company and how to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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